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Many people usually download large files via my browser, afterall who would like to carry large desktops, bulky laptops everywhere he visits. There are occasions where you cant carry these items and still have to work crucially on some topic. For that you need to download some or other file, photos that explains problem better to you. But every time you start downloading a file and it displays, connection error and then those back to back phone calls, spoil your day, date, mood. You may have thought there is a mistake with the site, or with your browser and may have even tried to use an alternative for that, yet again it displays the same that is connection error. But there is one thing for sure, if you are using an smart phone today or tomorrow you will have a solution for all of your bugs, problems, large works. Application designers are working so desperately to minimise your work and let you rely more over technology which you can carry everywhere and that too with maximum security.

Back to the topic, for these download problems you already had an solution but that was available for Desktops and laptops. For people who would love to travel without their laptops and would like to work with the help of phones, an application is out which helps you for these downloading problems.

“ADVANCED DOWNLOAD MANAGER APPLICATION” is an application that serves multiple problems regarding your phone. It is undeniably the best key for downloading files from your browser over Android devices. If you are an frequent Internet user and use it in quick successions for downloading large files, this app is must needed application in your device. This app has got dozens of features which pressurize people to rank the app, and all of them are listed below.

It is a tool which allows you to download any format file on your device with the same level of amenity that a laptop provides you.

Some of its Features:

Amidst bountiful features it prevails, the best feature observed and used is ablity to to choose among particular download folder depending upon the type of file downloaded. I mean, for instance, if you are downloading a movie, you can directly save it to movie folder rather than first downloading it and then moving it from download folder to movie folder. Similarly smae operation can be performed for text files and pictures.

Another interesting feature is that user can resume the downloads stopped due to improper connection or some other problem caused.

Next feature worth observing is that you can schedule a download for a particular day and time. Isn't it interesting? In fact you can even download 3 files simultaneously using this application.

The application when working in Android Lollipop and Marshmallow, can download directly to SD Cards. This app has got capability to even boost downloading at 2G,3G, 4G networks.

The application supports downloading of files even larger than 2 GB and this fast downloading is due to multithreading that application uses to download a file.

Advanced Download Manager is a comprehensive tool for managing your downloads, and thanks to it that you can turn your Android device now into a management center to administer all your downloads.

How to download the application:

Follow the procedure to download the application for your android devices:

  • Turn on your network connection or connect your device using secured WI-FI connection.
  • Open Play Store, and type “Advanced Download Manger” on the search bar present at the top.
  • As the file opens, click on the install option given in green background.
  • The file asks for some permissions, click accept/ allow button and let the file download begin.
  • The file will be downloaded automatically and installed simultaneously. Now time to enjoy the downloading without any hesitations and waitings.

For Those who wish to download using the Internet or through Desktops:

  • Connect you device to internet using either WIFI or mobile phone network. Open any kind of browser you have may be Chrome, Internet, Mozilla, UC Browser etc. In the search bar write ADVANCED DOWNLOAD MANAGER and search the options that come under.
  • Amongst all the search options that come under search engine, find out the official ADVANCED DOWNLOAD MANAGER and click the link.
  • As the page opens, it has a Download button embossed on the green background.
  • Once the download is completed, open the file manager option of your phone and go to downloads options in it and thenafter find the apk file that you downloaded for ADVANCED DOWNLOAD MANAGER and tap it.
  • In case the application does not install and is prompted by security reasons of your phone, go to setting, privacy settings and allow installation from outsource/ Unknown areas.
  • Now you will be able to install the file, after installation you can enjoy the game.

Advanced Settings:

  • You can change the themes and customize the app according to you.
  • Users can even choose the option to open file as soon as the download completes or choose amongst other options available after the download completes.
  • To accelerate downloading, users can create an empty file or even use Turbo Mode provided. In case you are short of battery and downloading a file, you need not cancel the downloading, the app automatically stop the downloading, and it wont consume the battery, after you connect to charging, downloading again resumes from the same position.
  • The application will provide a backup list and settings for download completed.
  • The icon appears with progress level and speed is displayed within notification panel.
  • Progress bar becomes transparent and appears on all windows that you open.
  • After a file is downloaded, the phone notifies you with vibration and sound.
  • Long press on download file will display the context menu.

The application requires Android device and runs on 4.0 and higher versions of Android. The application has been upgraded 30 times and the latest version is V5.1.2

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7 Ways To Protect Yourself When Using Public Wi -Fi Networks

Macbooks - 5 Ways To Make Your Macbook Faster

7 Ways To Protect Yourself When Using Public Wi -Fi Networks

These days, WiFi networks are everywhere. You can connect to one in restaurants, streets in major city centres, shopping malls, coffee shops, and hotels.

This news is a very welcome one. What it implies is that o matter where you are, you can still have access to the internet and thus, you will be able to surf the internet from your smartphone, tablet, mobile phone, laptop, or whatever internet enabled device you favour.

However, there has been one nagging problem with WiFi networks. Just like the internet, they are not the most secure facilities available.

But Then, What Is WiFi?

WiFi, also referred to as Wi-Fi, is an adaptation of wireless technology that electronic devices and internet enabled gadgets can connect to to gain access to the internet.

The term, WiFi is not an abbreviation. It is nothing more than a fashionable way of referring to WLAN, which is the term for a Wireless Local Area Network. In addition, it is a play on the word HiFi.

A lot of devices can connect to WiFi networks. All that is required is for them to be internet enabled. This includes devices and gadgets like video game consoles, digital cameras, personal computers, digital audio players, and tablets.

When outdoors, a very large area can have access to a single public WiFi network. This is done through a system of multiple overlapping access points.

Security Problems With Wi-Fi

Wired connections are usually more secure than WiFi networks. The reason for this is simple. When using wired connections, the intruder will have to gain physical access PR connection but with WiFi, this is negated.

A lot of us adopt different security measures for the protection of our PCs and laptops.

Most times, the security is in two levels: firewalls to deter cyber criminals and prevent them from gaining access to our valuable data, and a very strong Anti Virus software that prevents the infection of our computer by malicious programs like viruses.

However, what a lot of average users do not realize is that these threats are also present whenever you use a public WiFi network to access the internet.

And this is compounded by the fact that there is no way for you to ascertain if the WiFi network you are using is secure or not.

Public WiFi networks are very susceptible to attack because when they are being set up, more often than not, they are not encrypted. Encryption is simply the process of securing whatever information you transmit by encoding it so that a third party cannot access it.

Also, you can connect to a lot of public WiFi networks without having to provide a password. This makes the WiFi network readily accessible to anybody that might be interested in using it and this includes, of course the friendly neighbourhood cyber criminals n

If you login to a website or personal account that contains sensitive information via a public WiFi network, you should know that your log in details can be accessed quite easily by cyber criminals and hackers.

That is why a lot of clients complain at banks about their money being withdrawn without their consent. They exposed their details to the world, now some unscrupulous character has access to all their money.

Protection On A Public Wi-Fi Network

As we have already established in not so few words, the process of using an unprotected public WiFi network is a very risky affair.

However, you can offer yourself some form of protection simply by following these simple steps.

  • Check that the anti malware system and antivirus software on the device you access the WiFi network is up to date. Also, ensure that these are turned on.
  • Also, ensure that you turn on your firewall at all times. This will deter attackers from gaining access to your information.
  • Whenever you are connected to a public WiFi network, deactivate the ‘Sharing’ option. When this is done, you have successfully prevented extraneous influences from accessing your files and sensitive data.

You can do this via the Control Panel screen on Windows computers, or via the System Preferences screen on Mac OS X.

  • Also, whenever you are connected to a public WiFi network, do not login to shopping sites, eCommerce sites, or your personal bank account. This is because on all these platforms, you will have to provide sensitive financial and personal data.

Only engage in this when you are connected via a trusted and secure connection. This can be a personal home network that you have secured and protected yourself.

  • Whenever you are visiting a website, check to make sure that its URL starts with https, rather than http. This is because sites with an ‘https’ address encrypt the information that they send.
  • Unprotected WiFi hotspots are pretty tempting but you should avoid connecting to them automatically whenever one becomes visible.

This is because sometimes, these hotspots are malicious networks deliberately set up for information theft.

Macbooks - 5 Ways To Make Your Macbook Faster

When you first got your Apple Macbook, I’m pretty sure you were certain it was the fastest thing ever invented.

But then, it started to age and lagging set in. The reason for this occurrence is simple: the more a computer gets used, the more accumulated data and clutter it has.

This takes a toll on the processing power and, in the end, the computer’s overall performance starts to dwindle.

This is bound to happen to every device but, not to worry, it can be corrected. Yes, you heard !e right, you can bring your aging Macbook back to life!

Below are some tips that are guaranteed to make your Macbook young and fast again:

Clear The Clutter

There are thousands and thousand of files on every computer. These are mostly comprised of videos, songs, pictures, and applications.

What these files do is that they accumulate and generate junk files that, over time, will rapidly fill up your Macbook's hard drive. Then, the Macbook's performance will suffer as a result.

You should really take a trip through your files and ask yourself if you really still need all of them. One of the best ways to improve your Macbook’s performance is by freeing up space on its hard drive.

Delete Unused Language Files

There are multiple language options for almost all of the software on your Macbook. This option was created for the teeming number of users around the world in a bid to accommodate and compensate for linguistic differences.

However, do you really need to you your eBook reader in Spanish? Greek? Most likely, you will only need your native language to operate the application.

Remove the other language options that are clogging up your Macbook’s memory. There is no direct use for them and they are still consuming valuable space.

You can get rid of these files through several methods. There is an application created solely for this and, guess what? It is free!

Monolingual was designed for the removal of extraneous languages that the user will most likely not need. This application allows you to select manually the languages that you might want to keep.

The unmarked language files are deleted and, just like that, you have more space on your laptop!

And if you ever need any of these language files back, they can be readily downloaded.

Clean Up Start-Up And Background Running Apps

Whenever you attempt installing a program on your Macbook, there is always this screen of dialogue that contains all the terms and conditions.

However, if you are anything like I used to be, you probably just skip to the very bottom of the page where the ‘I agree' and ‘Install’ buttons are.

We have been wrong for so long. If you ever take your time to read through these terms and conditions, you will be amazed at what the manufacturers of these programs request for.

A lot of them ask for the permission to start up when you switch on your Macbook. Of course we click ‘I accept’ every time.

The background processing might not sound like a big deal but when you think of the massive processing power that these programs consume, you will be shocked.

They hog precious system resources in the process of just opening quietly and sitting in the background.

CPU and RAM capacities that should be expended towards whatever task it is you are working on are  diverted to these background programs. But there is good news. These unwanted and unnecessary startup applications can also be cleared out.

The process of doing this is simple. Just open the System Preferences screen, click on User and Groups, then open up the Login Items screen.

From this window, you can then select the applications that you want to allow to launch upon startup. You can prevent some other applications from starting up in much the same way.

Repair Disk Permissions

 Although this angle is often debated by experts, it is possible that the process of simply repairing your Macbook’s disk permissions will improve the running and efficiency of the computer.

All you have to do to initiate the repair of disk permissions is to open up the Open Disk Utility screen from the applications folder. From there, you can them choose the ‘Repair Disk Permissions” option.

Shut Down Your Compute More Often

Just like human beings, electronic devices also need to take a rest every once in a while. So does your Macbook.

This is to ensure that your Macbook is always performing at optimal capacity. The Macbook has been equipped with a number of tools that will allow it to automatically maintain and repair itself.

However, a number of these tools are only activated when the computer is being turned on or shut down. Therefore, the only way  for you to activate these tools is by shutting down the Macbook all the way.

Also, doing this improves the life of your Macbook’s internal battery.